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Current Order, Delivery schedules for NON inventory items:
Order before February 18, 2018 for delivery on February 23, 2018
Order by March 4, 2018 for delivery on March 9, 2018

You find many Asian, Japanese groceries nearby stores, but when you want real Japanese cooking ingredients, you might take a long drive to big cities or order through Internet stores delivered by carriers who do not guarantee freshness.

We deliver freshness!

At Kitchen Atsuko you can find the exact groceries you are looking for. Your order and delivery instructions are always confirmed. We deliver to your door step or designated location. Currently, our delivery schedule is a twice a month on Tuesday plan. This web site posts the next scheduled delivery date and the order closing date. The order and delivery schedules help ensure higher product availability and freshness. You may order items at any time and if the particular item is not in stock we will promptly email or call you with an out of stock status. Please register prior to your first order to establish your online access to our store.

How to Order

Once you LOGIN, the store aisles are on the left NAVIGATION panel. Click the aisle of interest and start shopping. Enter the quantity you want under items you select. Before you move to other shelves, CLICK the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to add to your cart. Repeat for each shopping aisle you enter.

When an item is put into your shopping cart, three buttons will appear at the top right of web page. A "View Order" button will show your current SHOPPING cart. To empty your cart, click "Clear Order" button and start all over again. To correct some items, go back to those shelves and change item amount to new value or 0 to cancel it. Again, CLICK the NEXT button to reflect your changes. Select "Ready to Order" when you are done. Tell us when and where to deliver at the next page. You complete the order by clicking "ORDER" button at the last page.

Your order confirmation will be emailed to your address. A delivery fee of $2.00 is waived for purchases of more than $50 or those regular customers who purchase on a monthly basis. The store will contact you to confirm your order and delivery time either by email or phone, your choice. Cash or a personal check are accepted at delivery time. Please make your check payable to: Kitchen Atsuko, Inc.

Thank you for shopping with us!